What about Hardware?

Info Booster web user interface

For working with the Info Booster Web User Interface you can use any browser at any device. Use your pc, your tablet or even your smartphone to create, change and distribute your presentations to your network of displays. You have full-control in a few clicks!

Info Booster player

For the Info Booster player you need a media-player (a dedicated computer). The Info Booster player software is currently based on Win10 IoT. You can run it on different hardware, depending on what you would like to display.  You can also use your own computer for running the Info Booster player software. We can help you select the right hardware configuration.

Re-use old hardware (from previous digital signage systems)

In some cases it is possible to re-use hardware, this could be hardware from a previous digital signage system or hardware you have available already. The Info Booster player software is developed in such a way it can adapt to many hardware platforms (as long as it is windows-based) We have experience in converting media-players of Dzine, TV-tools, Scala and Adtraxion into Info-Booster players, for more information please contact our sales team.

If you have second-hand hardware available you can just try if this second-hand hardware performs well in combination with the Info Booster player and your presentations. No extra costs if you have to move the Info Booster player installation to other hardware later on! Installation and linking the Info Booster player to your web-portal is very easy and intuitive.