SMC-Tilburg waitingroom-TV

SMC-Tilburg, a healthcenter in Tilburg, The Netherlands, intruduced the Info Booster waitingroom information system.

Using the Info Booster waitingroom application, SMC-Tilburg informs the waiting patients on the availability of the doctors and the delay-time. This avoids patients are getting irritated becaause we all know… waiting is not nice, but waiting without having a clue on how much longer you have to wait is even worse.

By making use of the special Info Booster waitingroom application it has never been so easy to register the availability of employees and register the delay-times. By computer, tablet or even smartphone you modify this information and automatically the information is shown at the displays located in the waitingrooms.

In between you inform, instruct and entertain the (waiting) patients with all kind of information. You can use images, videos’, text or make use of the available modules (widgets) for showing Weather-forecast, Actual news (RSS-feeds), Youtube-videos’, Twitter, etc.

Waiting has never been so nice!