Our Web User Interface

The Info Booster Manager is 100% web-based and is designed to make it possible for anybody to maintain their own TV-channel without a need to have ‘programming’ skills. Via an intuïtive User Interface it is possible to add images, videos’, Weather-information, News-feeds, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Waitingroom information, Meetingroom information, Traffic-news, Life-TV-feeds, etc.

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For specific content we develop specific Info Booster Widgets. We already deliver a lot of Widgets,  but,  for specific situation we can develop taylor-made Widgets. By doing this we assure our customers the Info-Booster solution is and stays up-to-date!  Not a problem with Info Booster!


We have several demos’ on Youtube showing how easy it is to create and distribute your presentations. We provide also videos’ explaining how to perform certain actions, for example how to create a document “Openinghours”, how to present your employees, how to integrate images with text, etc.

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Our Web User Interface is very user-friendly, our main focus is that anybody can boost their messages easy and in a few clicks.