Our Web User Interface

The Info Booster Manager is 100% web-based and is designed to make it possible for anybody to maintain their own TV-channel without a need to have ‘programming’ skills. Via an intuïtive User Interface it is possible to add images, videos’, Weather-information, News-feeds, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Waitingroom information, Meetingroom information, Traffic-news, Life-TV-feeds, etc.

For specific content we develop specific Info Booster Widgets. We already deliver a lot of Widgets,  but,  for specific situation we can develop taylor-made Widgets. By doing this we assure our customers the Info-Booster solution is and stays up-to-date!  Not a problem with Info Booster!

Our Web User Interface is very user-friendly, our main focus is that anybody can boost their messages easy and in a few clicks.

Contact  us and we will provide you with an trial-account!