Our Players

To broadcast your presentation you will need a media-player. With Info Booster you will have two different type of Players: Info Booster Software Player and an embedded build-in player in the dipslay. For the buidlin embedded players you can check our display page here. Below we will describe our software player that you can install on your own device.

Info Booster Software Player

The Info Booster player is totally free and can be used in combination with the Info Booster Web-User-Interface (the webportal). The Info Booster player is currently based on the Windows OS, is easy to install and to maintain. The Info Booster player takes care of communication with the Info Booster webportal (the ‘Cloud’) and takes care of playing the presentations you prepared using the Info Booster Web-User-Interface.

We tested several industrial hardware platforms from different (international) suppliers, but, it is also possible to select your own hardware configuration based on  the content you would like to show.

If you have ‘old’ 2nd-hand hardware available you can just try if this 2nd-hand hardware performs well in combination with the info Booster player and your presentations. No extra costs if you have to move the Info Booster player installation to other hardware! Installation and linking the info Booster player to your webportal is very easy and intuïtive. Via several videos’ we explain you in detail “How to install your Info Booster player” and “How to connect your Info Booster player to your webportal”.

Install in few clicks the INFOBOOSTER player on your device (Windows based), and turn it into a real broadcaster for your personal channels to inform your own audience in the most efficient en professional manner.

Everybody can boost the way we boost!