Who is your target and how can your information reach your target?

Info Booster solution is used in several different branches that have their own way to communicate


Within corporate communication it is important to show internal information to your employees or visitors. Within Info Booster it is possible to display parts of your intranet, the menu from the restaurant or important information from HR. Of course in your own layout and brands.


Show your products to your customers. Let them know in a attractive way what products are for sale. Inform your customers by using video, images, text, animations, etc.  Not a problem with Info Booster!


With Info Booster it is possible to manage your advertisement network. Create reports how often and when advertisements are shown. Publish advertisements within a specific region for a specific time. Not a problem with Info Booster!


Within Education it is often important to show many information in a short therm, like time-schedules. We have a possibility to link different systems from the education market to the Info Booster system. For example Magister and GPuntis; for specific situations we can prepare specific widgets to make it as easy as possible to add the needed information to your prensentation!


Within Healthcare we have several default solutions for waiting-room and internal communication. Our solution is choosen by many physiotherapists as their easy-to-use system to inform and entertain their visitors.


With Info Booster it is easy to publish in a few steps the necessary information for meeting-rooms, general information or lunch-menus for your customer.