The Info Booster scalability is very flexible. As the network of Digital Signage players grows, the system is still easy to manage. As we support different users and even white-label it is very easy to implement the Info Booster system into large networks with different locations and users.


How many players can we handle with Info Booster?

There are practically no limits on the amount of Info Booster Players that you can manage with the Info Booster solution. It is possible to organise your players into logical groups to make it possible to have a clear overview when having large amounts of players. When having multiple locations and different people that have to work with the system you can have multiple users that you can give the necessary permissions.

Don’t forget that the key people of Info Booster have been involved with a lot of projects with over thousands of players. They know how to handle large networks! Don’t hesitate to contact our sales team for advice.