Our Widgets

For specific content we develop specific Info Booster Widgets. This makes it easier for you to add this specific type of content to your presentation without bothering about size, resolution, aspect-ratio and so on! Use the Info Booster widget and we take care of all technical rules. Not a problem with Info Booster!

Within the Info Booster solution we have multiple widgets available. For free! No hidden extra costs!

On request we develop new widgets,  for example our Spanish clients wanted a News-widget for “El Pais” and our Czech clients wanted a News-widget “Czeska Televize”. We developed these widgets and added these News-widget to the Info Booster solution, all for free and available for all clients!

Below you find for each widget we offer, a small description:

NU24 live streaming  (Dutch)

NU24live streaming is offered by a Dutch news-agency. The latest news is shown in blocks of 1 minute (subtitled). Enough to inform and entertain your audience. Display the latest video newsfeeds from Nu24 using the Info Booster NU24-widget!



Weather Widget


For local weather information we have a weather widget that displays local weather information. Keep your visitors informed about the weather! For the weather information we have a contract with Weather Underground, a reliable partner in worldwide weather information. Click here for a review of the weather widget!Weather widget

Twitter Widget


You want to display your tweets on your display? Or display tweets with particular keyword? No problem! Twitter (with keyword blacklist) is available on our system.



Waiting-room Manager


Show your patients how much time they have to wait before you can assist them. Avoid your patients are getting irritated because they are waiting for you without knowing for how long they have to wait more!

Via an external application you maintain your waitingroom information and this information is shown at your displays in the waitingroom. You can appoint one or more employees for specific waitingrooms, so even for big hospitals the Info Booster Waitingroom Manager offers the perfect solution to inform their patients.


Browser Widget


You want to show your webpages (internet / intranet)? Use the special Browser-widget for easily adding your webpages to the presentation. You decide which webpages for how long should be shown at your displays!





Display your YouTube movie in your playlist, live from the internet! Copy the address of the youtube movie you would like to show, define the duration and add it easily to your playlists!




Traffic information (Dutch)


Using this widget you show live traffic information on your displays. For now this widget shows information for the highways in The Netherlands, but, on request we can investigate if we have this information also available for your country!



Buienradar (Dutch)


For the Dutch and Belgium market we developed the Buienradar widget. Buienradar shows (upcoming) rainshowers. This is an addition on the weather widget that we supply to all our customers worldwide.

On request we can investigate if we have this information also available for your country!



Breaking News


Show live News from different sources (and different country’s) in a great layout including photo’s (if available). BBC, SkyNews, Česká televize, El Pais and many more! Click here for a review of this widget.

On request we develop more Breaking News widgets. If you or your clients have a specific news-source in your region / country, just let us now! We will develop these Breaking News widgets for free (if the source is available for free) and these widgets will be available for all our clients!


Digital menu boards


An easy way to inform your customers regarding the food you are offering. The menu is shown in your own house-style. Easy to use, easy to maintain and still with an attractive appearance!

Within minutes you change your pricing and by using our “Playlist Scheduler” you can automatically work with a breakfast-menu, lunch-menu and dinner-menu.




Show your promotions quick and easy. Select the product / service you want to promote, add description and pricing and distribute your promotion to your displays!

If there are any changes, it is as easy to change pricing and/or description of your promotion or to end your promotion!


Digital planning boards


An easy way to inform your employees of their daily work-schedule. You can plan daily or a for a complete week within a few clicks.




Meetingroom and room reservation manager


With our meetingroom solution we offer a complete package for managing your reservations and presenting the information to your visitors.

Via an external application you register your reservations (with logo customer) and automatically the reservation will be shown in the lobby (total-overview) and at the displays located at the entrance of the specific meetingroom.


Location content


The “Location content”-widget makes it possible while, using one presentation, to show different content (images) at different premises. You configure once and can use this functionality all over your presentation. You can have specific welcome-messages at all your premises, using just one presentation!



Birthday manager


Show the birthdays of your employees in an attractive way. Register the birthdays of you employees and show this information at the displays in your office.




Future widgets

We continuously develop new widgets for the Info Booster system.