Info Booster introduces “Data Booster”

For several projects, Info Booster introduced the reliable and robust “Data Booster”. We developed the “Data Booster” to convert data from different datasources, to a readable format for the Info Booster digital signage system. “Data Booster” connects to 3rd party hardware / software, functions as an internal distribution server, functions as a remote control etc.


The “Data Booster” offers our clients many extra possibilities:

  • “Data Booster” takes care of communication between the Info Booster digital signage solution and your 3rd party hardware / software. For example: ‘door-openers’, ‘light controllers’, IP-camera’s, ‘alarm-systems’, ‘movement sensors’ and many more
  • “Data Booster” can function as an internal distribution server for Info Booster players. The Info Booster players don’t need a connection to the internet, they can get the content from our “Data Booster”. The “Data Booster” is located in your own network.
  • “Data Booster” can function as a remote control. Start any playlist whenever you like via a Web User Interface or triggered by external triggers
  • Convert confidential information in your network from a secure source without any interaction on the internet to the Info Booster players.
  • “Data Booster” converts data from internal processes to readable data for your customers or employees
  • “Data Booster” converts data from your databases for use in combination with our Info Booster Widgets