Healthcentre GC-DIDAM starts using Info Booster

Healthcentre GC-Didam switch to the Info Booster narrowcasting solution to inform their clients about the services they can offer. Using six information-displays the clients can read relevant information on the healthcentre and their services.


The reason healthcentre GC-Didam switched to Info Booster is the userfriendliness of the Info Booster narrowcasting solution. The solution is so intuitive that anybody can work with Info Booster. No longer GC-Didam is depending on the presence of 1 or 2 employees, they can appoint more employees to be responsible and in case of sickness, leave or holiday another employee can easily take over the management of the displays. The presence of the special waitingroom module makes Info Booster even more valuable because, via an special interface, assistents can inform patients on the delays.