What expects a retailer nowadays from a digital signage system?  Our experience is that the retailer expects three results from a digital signage system:

  1. It should increase revenue
  2. It should be easy to manage and flexible towards different circumstances
  3. It should be cost-effective

Narrowcasting product demo       Retail-displays

By showing its promotions and its products in an efficient and strategic manner it is possible to comply with the demands of the retailer. The displays should be managed in a logical manner (do not promote alcohol nearby diapers) and it must be possible to  change signage for all displays or groups of displays in a few clicks using pc, tablet, smartphone (or even automated)! Changing signage could be initiated by the availability of products (inventory), better marging on certain products, changing weather conditions, time-of-year, events, type of customers in the shop, etc.  The digital signage system should make it possible to reflect all these conditions, again, in a few clicks (or automated!).

With the Info Booster digital signage solution all of this is not a problem! You can connect thousands of displays to the Info Booster webportal and manage all these displays easy and in a few clicks!

Not a problem with info Booster!

With the Info Booster digital signage solution you can:

  • Prepare the presentations of your products in a few clicks (in your house-style)
  • Send different presentations to your displays in a few clicks (by pc, tablet and/or smartphone)
  • Automatically change your presentations depending on pre-defined conditions
  • Manage your displays one-by-one or manage groups of displays at once
  • Save money, because the Info Booster digital signage solution is very cost-effective!

The team of Info Booster were involved in many (international) installations for big retail organization, for instance:

carrefour delhaize bygma alexandrium-woonmall
Carrefour Delhaize Bygma Woonmall Alexandrium
wurth tarkett scs-sofas ikea
 Wurth Tarkett ScS Sofa’s IKEA
 homedepot  habufa  germanos  elektroskandia
The Home Depot Habufa meubelen Germanos  Elektroskandia

Narrowcasting product demo