The moment you enter a hotel you are looking for the check-in desk. This is easy because most of the time these desks are nearby the main-entrance. But as soon as you checked-in you want to be informed, preferably in an attractive manner. What offers your hotel? Where is the restaurant and what has the restaurant to offer? Is there a Spa? where is the Spa? and how does it look like and what are the openinghours? For tourists it is nice to know what can be seen in the city; theaters, musea, sight-seeing, etc. A lot of questions which should be answered!

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As a hotel manager you want your guests to have a pleasant time during their stay in the hotel and make it as comfortable for them as possible. You want them to feel ‘at home’. You want to help them, serve them, inform them  as much as possible. Having an employee on every corner in the hotel is not an option and it is almost impossible to expect the employees can answer all the questions of the guests. The guests wants to know the right direction, information on the restaurant, the spa, etc.  The guest will also want information regarding events, museum, theaters, sight-seeing facilities, etc.  Too much for one person to remind. For this we can use digital signage, inform the guests at the right time, the right spot with the required information!


Collaborative working!

With the Info Booster digital signage solution you can control all your displays one-by-one or as (logical) groups. For instance you can have all displays at the elevators showing the same presentation in a few clicks. You can also decide to appoint certain displays to certain employees or even appoint a display to an external party (for instance a tourism organization) taking care of specific content. The manager of the Spa takes care of the information related to the Spa, the manager of the restaurant takes care of the information related to the restaurant, etc.   100% flexibility, easy-to-manage using computer, tablet and/or smartphone with a professional result in your own house-style!

Not a problem with info Booster!

Are there conference facilities, with Info Booster you can manage the reservations of the conference rooms also using specific Info Booster widgets!

The team of Info Booster were involved in many installations in hotel environments, for instance:

marriott_brussel marriott_praguel Fletcher-Hotels
Marriott Brussels Marriott Prague Fletcher Hotels
 Van-der-Valk  Scandic-hotels  Ritz-Paris
Van der Valk Scandic Hotels Ritz Paris
 best-western  NH-Hotels  Grand-Lyon-Habitat
Best Western NH Hotels Grand Lyon Habitat