characteristic for healthcare environments is the large amount of visitors having appointments with doctors, dentists, physiotherapists etc. It is obvious there is a need to inform these visitors efficiently about safety-issues, house-rules, where they have to register, the privacy-rules, if their doctor is present and if there is any delay, for big hospitals how to find their way, etc.  Also by showing entertaining videos the patient stays calm and relaxed.

Digital signage is the perfect tool to communicate these kind of information! With digital signage you centrally decide what should be communicated and at what moment and at what spot. Showing the right information, at the right spot for the right audience!

Collaborative working!

With Info Booster you can appoint (groups of) displays to the relevant departments. For example, the department responsible for wayfinding only can update the displays with the wayfinding information. Nurses taking care of a specific waitingroom, only can update relevant information for this specific waitingroom. Meanwhile other general information like house-rules, safety issues, promotional information are merged automatically creating an attractive and usefull presentation towards all visitors at any location!

Info Booster offers special widgets for waitingroom environment! With Info Booster not a problem!