A lot of us think digital signage is for promoting products and is for raising turnover and increasing revenue. However, this is a big mistake! Digital signage is meant to communicate relavant information at the right time, the right spot to the right audience. So this opens a new world because it is obvious any organization wants to have its’ internal audience, the employees,  informed regarding products, services, events, house-rules, restaurant, important visitors, etc.


Imagine your organization can inform your customers via attractive and clear presentations at displays located near the coffee-corner, the entrance, the elevators, in the restaurant, behind the reception, in fact any place in your building(s) where it is efficient to locate your display and inform your employees! Imagine your organization can communicate effectively the corporations’ vision, mission and values to the employees in just a few clicks!  Not a problem with Info Booster!


With the Info Booster digital signage solution you can easily manage all your displays via the100% web-based user interface even if these displays are located in different buildings. Easily you can organize these displays into logical groups so you can distribute your presentations to all elevators at once in a few clicks! Use video, images, text, documents to present the information in the most attractive way! Not a problem with Info Booster!

The team of Info Booster were involved in installations at several big organizations, for instance:

Banque De Luxembourg Rabobank PWC PricewaterhouseCoopers NXP honeywell
Banque De Luxembourg  Rabobank  PriceWaterhouseCoopers  NXP  Honeywell
 ernst-and-young  GE-money-bank  Deloitte  credit_mutuel  Pfizer
 Ernst & Young  GE Money Bank  Deloitte  Credit Mutuel  Pfizer