A queue numbering system in the pharmacy

Once again, Info Booster has expanded its digital signage solution with new functionality. For some of our customers, we have linked the already existing queue numbering system to the Info Booster digital signage solution. The digital signage displays show the numbers of the clients that are currently being serviced. The customers now know when they are expected and to what servicedesk they need to go.



NUMMER-CONTROLThe pharmacist’s assistants can easily increase and, if necessary, decrease the number via a desk-mounted touchscreen. Automatically, the last number appears in a different color on the digital signage display.

Optionally, the number can also be displayed on a digital signage screen at the relevant servicedesk. Of course, everything is presented in the house-style of the customer. The tracking number system runs locally at the by Info Booster developed Data Booster hardware.